love letter to an artwork


Love Letter to an Artwork is an ongoing project by Eline Kersten and Joris Burla. Typically, we invite artists to contribute with a love letter to an artwork of their choice, however we are also open to receiving spontaneous contributions. If you like to contribute to the project, please read the following guidelines:

  1. The project works exclusively with written language, however you may write in the language of your preference.
  2. If you choose to write your letter in a different language than English, Dutch or German, we may translate it. We give our best to translate it as accurately as possible, although we work with limited resources.
  3. The letter needs to be handwritten, typed or printed on paper and should be physically sent to the following address:

Love Letter Project
Joris Burla & Eline Kersten
Winterthurerstrasse 368
8057 Zürich

  1. For each letter, Joris Burla produces an accompanying drawing based on the letter.
  2. Although we understand that you are practitioning as an artist yourself, we invite you to write a love letter to an artwork not made, created or produced by yourself. The focus lies on artworks of external artists you appreciate.
  3. Please mention the title of the artwork and artist you are writing to, either in the letter itself or in a seperate message to us.
  4. You will keep the authorship of the letter, but by sending it, you give us the copyright to publish and reproduce it both digitally and in print.
  5. You will keep the authorship of your letter, however the overall project is considered to be an artwork by Eline Kersten and Joris Burla.
  6. The project exists first and foremost online; our current online platforms are the project’s website, Facebook and Instagram. Other forms of presentation (i.e. publications, exhibitions) may be explored in the future. By sending a letter, you agree to take part in all possible modes of presentation.
  7. We are very happy to receive your letter, but can‘t guarantee that it will be published. Please provide us with your contact details.